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Safeguarding Coordinator

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 375 total views TOCH is seeking to recruit a competent person to fill a position of Safeguarding Coordinator to provide technical and operational advice and support to help implement and improve systems, processes and standards of safeguarding in line with TOCH South Sudan safeguarding policy, operational standards and procedures, donor guidelines, industry best practices in support […]

Peace Building Project Manager position for National Only.

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 524 total views TOCH is seeking to recruit a competent and experience person to fill the position of Peacebuilding Project Manager based in Tonj North (Warrap Town) in Warrap State with frequency travelling to other counties and Kuajok to oversee its RSRTF Funded Kong Koc: Laying the foundation for peaceful, stable, and resilient communities in greater […]

Aguka-Tonj Road Opening Improve Access to Services for Residence of Aguka Payam. 

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 764,067 total views,  8 views today Aguka is one of the five Payams of Tonj South County of Warrap State. It is located in the far South bordering Lakes and the Western Equatoria States and is inhabited by the Bongo tribe. People of Aguka Payam practice agriculture and beekeeping as their main economic activities. They plant cassava, […]

TOCH and NCA Support women to Heal from Physical and Emotional Violence

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 763,925 total views,  8 views today Tonj North County is inhabited by Dinka Rek section further subdivided into smaller sub-sections and clans. People depend largely on agriculture and pastoralism as the main economic activities. Like in any Dinka society, the gender roles are clearly disaggregated and the society takes these roles very seriously and further uses them […]

Job Opportunity for National Only.

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 616 total views,  1 views today TOCH is seeking to recruitment competent Protection Programme Manager to oversee the overall activities of the protection sector in the filed of general protection, GBV and Child Protection which are implemented in the Greater Bahr El Ghazal Region (states). Interested candidates should submit applications containing updated CV, motivation letter, reference contacts […]

70 youths and women graduate from TOCH TVET Center in Tonj North County

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 8,114 total views,  1 views today In the efforts to bring sustainable peace and create friendly environment for peaceful communities in Greater Tonj, TOCH with generous support from CAFOD & Trociare in Partnership (CTP) implemented peacebuilding project aimed at addressing violent conflict in Tonj North County. The project was planned to address root causes of violent conflict, […]

TOCH Strategic Plan Validation Workshop for 2022-2027

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 309 total views,  1 views today “This Strategic Plan is designed in line with National Development Strategy, the African development agenda as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” – Marko Madut, Executive director, TOCH SS The Organization for Children’s Harmony (TOCH) organized two day workshop from 7 – 8 April 2022. The work was planned to provide […]