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Child protection & GBV

TOCH runs psychosocial support (PSS) activities in the child friendly space (CFS) either in the schools, church or any community structure which is safe and secure. The CFS run activities include recreational activities and child rights clubs, traditional dances, arts and drama etc. There is also Case Management dealing with family Tracing and Reunification of separated and unaccompanied children.

TOCH Community Engagement & Action(CEA) inspired and encouraged community discussants to take action to transform the society’s social norms that promote gender and sexual violence into social norms that prevent SGBV in Gogrial Payam and this was exhibited by groups presentations of songs, dramas and individual’s commitments on sexual and gender based violence. This programme is being supported by UNICEF South Sudan.

The activities are carried out in 12 CFS in counties of Tonj North,Tonj South,Gogrial West and Twic of former warrap state which has now split into 3 states of Tonj,Gogrial and Twic respectively. The project activities are supported with funding from UNICEF South Sudan.