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The current COVID 19 pandemic is disrupting everyday ways of living and working, pausing a major  challenge for organizations to adapt to work with the safety measures and guidelines of WHO to stop the spread of the virus among the population

In South Sudan and around the world, Governments and authorities are implementing the policies of social isolation and social distance to protect people from the fast spread of the corona virus. What is the impact of this social isolation and social distance how about the PSS and life skills activities where women and girls come together in a number of 30 per session to develop new skills of knitting, beading and craft work to sustain themselves while finding solace in socialization as a tool to provide counselling, identify issues that affect them as women while mapping solutions to the issues, how is the social isolation and social distance policies affecting them?

TOCH with funding from CTP established Eleven discussion groups, the group holds discussion on pre-determined topics on human rights, gender, sexual violence and psycho social support. The psycho social support has been incorporated to provide positive coping and recovery for survivors and women.

To enhance concentration during the discussion sessions, TOCH introduced knitting, Beads making and craft designing of fruit basket or winnower as a life skill. Initially knitting was practiced by women for leisure but TOCH though introducing knitting during discussion session would be a pull factor and an opportunity for those who do not know it to learn from others. Interestingly, all the eleven (11) groups registered great progress as women who did not know how to knit, were able to learn from others within the shortest possible time.

The most important thing for us is protecting the women and girls from the disease while implementing the project activities so as a respond, TOCH has broken down the attendance of 30 women and girls in each PSS sessions to 10-15 members to follow the guidelines of Ministry of Health and WHO of social distancing to avoid congestion at Women and Girls Friendly Spaces (WGFS) and also availed hand-washing facilities locally. TOCH has also suspended some activities which do not meet COVID-19 measures of prevention while implementing the project activities as a measure of safety against COVID 19






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