During war and conflicts ways of live are disrupted  which has devastating effects  but improving women participation in peace building process helps strengthen women’s rights at the community and national level while making peace building efforts more inclusive and representing at all levels

Through the caritas Norway project funded by CAFOD and TROCAIRE IN PARTNERSHIP,TOCH south Sudan formed 4 groups of women peace committee network in kuajok,warrap state to resolve local issues ,mediate, negotiate and counsel  disputing members of the community, the women peace committee are playing crucial role in contributing to community peace and avoiding disputes over resources and other domestic issues

we dedicate the international day of peace for the women who are the members of the women peace committee as a recognition to their commitment in contributing to peace building

“Am a member of the women peace network committee, being a member of this group has changed my perception about peace, I always thought peace is implemented at the national level but i have learnt that we must all have efforts in peace building from the way we solve disputes in our families, the way we coexist as communities ,if we relate well at the family and community we can sustain peace and suppress a lot of disputes and even war “Rebecca, member in the women peace committee


“Peace is beyond the words we hear, peace is everyone’s responsibility from family, community and its only reflected in the national level, because we stay in the communities we are the best people to solve disputes arising from our communities and on the women peace network we have done this, we bought 4 bakeries to solve the issue of women competing for bakeries and resulting to conflicts am calling upon mothers to take up initiatives to build peace and it starts with peaceful homes” Ding


“am glad that I have realized that no one can give me peace unless I take the steps to have peace, most of us did not know domestic violence is one of the major reason we don’t have peace at homes but now we know and there is reduced cases of domestic violence in our homes as the members of women peace network because we have responsibilities of being  role models to other women in the communities” Sarah