MAKING A DIFFERENCE; Improving The Access Of Children To Justice Through Child Protection

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Meet MONDAY THURUBIL RAMADAN, one of our Child Protection Program beneficiary in Rumbek under the NORAD FRAMEWORK of SAVE THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL implemented by TOCH SOUTH SUDAN


MONDAY THURUBIL RAMADAN,in his wheel chair after PSS session with a Case Worker in RUMBEK

My name is MONDAY THURUBIL RAMADAN, I have been anxious and always stressful about my life, I didn’t enroll in school because I could not walk to school, accessing places where other children play and have fun was difficult for me, I had always feel different and excluded from other children which has so much affected my confidence and self-esteem

Lucky enough I got registered by TOCH SOUTH SUDAN during comprehensive assessment as a beneficiary of the child protection program which has greatly changed my life, I got a wheelchair from ICRC with referral from TOCH, this wheelchair has become part of me because it has  given me access to places which i could not access before such as where other children play and have fun, I can also join them to play whenever I like, I also got enrolled in school!

I developed  confidence in myself and my self-esteem has been built because of the psych- social support I received from the caseworkers and members of the community based child protection network, I believe am a child just like other child with full rights and dignity

I would to thank SAVE THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL(SCI), TOCH SOUTH SUDAN and ICRC for the support you have given me, I urge other organizations also to support children like me who cannot walk and have not access to basic needs of children

In support of Child Protection, TOCH SOUTH SUDAN with funding from SAVE THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL through the NORAD FRAMEWORK is contributing to ensuring boys and girls in Rumbek, including the most deprived are protected against violence in homes and communities where they live through the provision of comprehensive case management, psycho-social support for children and child protection awareness raising

We are privileged through the support from our partners to bring hopes to children in different walks of life with experience of  child rights,dignity and support

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