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3rd /08/2020




The Organization for Children’s Harmony (TOCH SOUTH SUDAN) is expressing its outrage against the gruesome murder of 3 children on 1st/08/2020 in Rock city area of Juba, South Sudan as reported by eye radio and other social media platform and confirmed by the police as well.

TOCH offers its deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of the deceases and the entire population affected by this horrific act of violence which has taken the lives of innocent souls.

We would like to express our further concern over the rise and repeated attacks and violence perpetrated against children in the country, attacks and any kind of violence against children are not acceptable and justifiable under any circumstance as per both international and domestic laws on the rights and welfare of the child. Under child survival and development, all children have inherent right to life and this right should be protected by law.

We therefore demand the Government South Sudan to apprehend the perpetrators and investigate the act of the horrific murder of the innocent children and ensure justice is served according to the Child Act, 2008 and convention on the rights of the child.

TOCH South Sudan is urging the Government and its stakeholders to ensure greater efforts to enforce legal protection of children against any forms of violence throughout South Sudan

Children should not under any circumstances be a target and at the center of violence, not in families, not in communities and not in the country, we are therefore calling upon community leaders, families, national and international child focused organizations, civil societies, human right partners and Child Rights Activists to advocate for child friendly environment in the different areas of influence to promote children right and safety as a priority

TOCH South Sudan works to ensure well-being of children are accorded and enforces respect of children’s rights through child protection programming in South Sudan.


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