The Organization for Children’s Harmony (TOCH SOUTH SUDAN) is expressing its deep concern over the sharp deterioration of safety of children in the states of Lake, Warrap and Jonglei due to recurring inter communal violence which is affecting the lives of children and their mothers. The insecurities are compromising and jeopardizing the rights of Children as per articles 5 and 16 of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and UN CRC articles 6 and 19 respectively.

There is a growing concern over the grave violation against children such as unprecedented killings of 12 Children in Tonj East county, abduction of 3 children during cattle raids in Tonj North county, protracted displacement of children leading to separation due to the inter communal clashes in the mentioned states especially the recent violence on 16 May in Pieri Town, Jonglei

Unfortunately, the children are paying prices for this violence, they are used as tools for fighting by the conflicting communities, they are used to loot, burn down houses and using arms. Women, girls and children are exposed to other physical and emotional tortures like the six cases of rape reported in by the protection assessment Report of May 15th 2020. The inter-communal violence in this states are child rights crisis because the overall situation of children’s protection in these states remain bleak, hopeless and demanding as grave violations of Children rights are being committed by both warring communities.

We are calling upon various community leadership of the warring communities and Reconstituted Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGONU to quickly deescalate the violence in order to allow Humanitarian Actors to support the critical assistances needed for the children and women in this crisis affected areas by providing PSS to those experiencing trauma and stress. We also appeal to the Presidency to form both states and county governments so that security and protection of the civilians especially children and women would be safeguarded since there is power vacuum within the communities.

As TOCH, we are also appealing for regional and International actors who are charge with responsibilities of protecting children’s rights to pressure the government to fulfill its obligations as enshrined in various instruments for protecting children which they have rectified and ascended into domestic law such as the Child Act, 2008.

For further information, please contact:
Mandera Rebecca Lagu, Communications and Campaign Coordinator, +211 (0)921 765317 or visit our website:

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