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Aguka-Tonj Road Opening Improve Access to Services for Residence of Aguka Payam. 

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 682,161 total views,  486 views today Aguka is one of the five Payams of Tonj South County of Warrap State. It is located in the far South bordering Lakes and the Western Equatoria States and is inhabited by the Bongo tribe. People of Aguka Payam practice agriculture and beekeeping as their main economic activities. They plant cassava, […]

TOCH and NCA Support women to Heal from Physical and Emotional Violence

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 682,069 total views,  485 views today Tonj North County is inhabited by Dinka Rek section further subdivided into smaller sub-sections and clans. People depend largely on agriculture and pastoralism as the main economic activities. Like in any Dinka society, the gender roles are clearly disaggregated and the society takes these roles very seriously and further uses them […]

70 youths and women graduate from TOCH TVET Center in Tonj North County

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 8,075 total views In the efforts to bring sustainable peace and create friendly environment for peaceful communities in Greater Tonj, TOCH with generous support from CAFOD & Trociare in Partnership (CTP) implemented peacebuilding project aimed at addressing violent conflict in Tonj North County. The project was planned to address root causes of violent conflict, provide space […]

TOCH Strategic Plan Validation Workshop for 2022-2027

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 269 total views “This Strategic Plan is designed in line with National Development Strategy, the African development agenda as well as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” – Marko Madut, Executive director, TOCH SS The Organization for Children’s Harmony (TOCH) organized two day workshop from 7 – 8 April 2022. The work was planned to provide platform for […]

TOCH Uganda and other Partners Conducted Monthly Settlement Coordination Meeting, Feb, 2021.

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 487 total views TOCH Uganda has joined other Humanitarian Partners in Conducting Monthly Settlement Coordination Meeting (MSCM) to review service delivery to Refugees and Host community. The meeting was attended by TOCH Uganda, other Humanitarian Agencies, Local Government Authorities, Schools and Community Leaders. The meeting was chaired & co-chaired by the Office of Prime Minister (OPM) […]

TOCH Trained a total of 55 Child Friendly Reporting Mechanism Focal Persons in Rumbek, Feb, 2021.

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 655 total views TOCH South Sudan has successfully completed the training of Child Friendly Reporting Mechanism (CFRM) focal points in Rumbek, Lakes State. About 05 participants, 03 from schools & 02 from host communities were equally drawn from 11 locations in Rumbek Centre and East Counties. On Monday Feb 23, 2021, the participants were assembled & […]

TOCH South Sudan Officially Opened Women’s and Girls’ Friendly Space in Yirol, Feb, 2021.

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 361 total views TOCH South Sudan has officially opened Women’s & Girls’ Friendly Space (WGF) in Lekakedu of Yirol East County on Monday Feb 15, 2021. The facility was officially opened by Nyika, the Deputy Country representative of CTP and witnessed by Laker Joyce Patra, the TOCH’s Head of Programs. The government was represented by County […]

TOCH South Sudan Organized Annual Programmes Review Workshop in Kuajok, Dec, 2020.

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 381 total views The Organization for Children’s Harmony (TOCH South Sudan) delegates from HQs (Juba), Yirol, Rumbek, Tonj South, Wau and Tonj North Offices are in Kuajok, the State Capital of Warrap to attend two (02) Day Annual Programmes Review Workshop from 17th to 18th December, 2020. The Workshop aimed at evaluating our Humanitarian interventions for […]